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Get used to it, we’re suing! #alışındavacıyız


On the eve of LGBTI+ and Trans Pride Marches in Istanbul on 2016, Alperen Hearths Istanbul Chair Kürşat Mican organized a press meeting and declared us to be “immoral,” threatening the marches. Mican’s statement that “We will never, ever allow such Immorality, like this march that is called “honor” but really it is immoral, that touch the nation’s nerves, to be normalized or encouraged” is deliberate hate speech directed against LGBTI+s’ struggle for honorable life and it can not be accepted. As LGBTI+s we are taking him to court!

As a result of our criminal complaint against him, Kürşat Mican will be tried on the charge of “inciting the public to hatred and animosity.” The first hearing is on Thursday, May 18, 13:45 at Kartal Courthouse 44. Court of First Instance. We are expecting all our friends to support our case at Kartal Courthouse on May 18, 13:30.

We will initiate a social media campaign with the hashtag #alışındavacıyız (#getusedtoitwesue) on May 16, 21:00, to make our voices heard and to stand by our Pride Week and our case.

We will be plaintiffs for all the injustice, pressure, and hate speech against us!

Get used to it, we are here, #alışındavacıyız!


25th Istanbul Pride Week is waiting for your donations!

Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride Week celebrates its 25th anniversary!

Istanbul Pride Week will take place this year between 19-25 June 2017. Last year we reacted to the ban on our march by dispersing into every corner of Istanbul with glitter, confetti and rainbow flags, reading our press statements. We raised our voice not only on Istiklal Street but on every place and every space possible to make ourselves to be heard. We are not giving up on the streets, we are not letting any kind of fear to scare us away. We are here, we are not leaving, get used to it!

We are waiting for your donations to carry out this week-long organisation with a collective solidarity. So do not forget to visit our Indiegogo campaign please!