We dispersed on every street for the 14th Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride March!

June 27, 16

On Sunday, 26 June we “dispersed” everywhere on Istiklal Avenue against the Istanbul Governor’s Office’s ban on 19 June Trans Pride March and Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride March and press statement. Our press statement was read on numerous streets, our rainbow flag hung on buildings, the streets undulating. Among those who read our press statement was […]

Events for Non Turkish Speakers during 2016 İstanbul Pride

June 21, 16

These are the events that will provide either simultaneous Turkish to English translation, English subtitles or no translation is needed. (Updated June 22nd) 21th June, Tuesday   Workshop: Mask Workshop (I) Time: 17:00 Place: TAK Facilitator: Oğuz Güdek (Mask & March)  We are inviting all to our workshop to paint in colors not only the […]

Istanbul LGBTİ+ Pride Week Commission Press Declaration: The Istanbul Governorship is openly violating the constitution and laws!

June 17, 16

Since 2003, we have been organizing a LGBTI+ Pride March on Istiklal Avenue, the last Sunday of June to raise our voice against rights breaches we encounter throughout the year, to demand equality, freedom and legal status and to state that we are not ashamed but “PROUD” of our existence. It is crucial for us […]

Let’s sign the petition for a safe LGBTI+ Pride March in Istanbul!

June 14, 16

Join our call to the Istanbul Governorate by signing and sharing this petition. Support us and add your voice to ours to ensure that the 14th Istanbul LGBTI+ Pride March takes place, not with police attacks, but with all its colors and in safety.

Regarding the Police Attack against 2015 Istanbul LGBTI Pride March

June 30, 15

Immediate public and media release by the Pride Week Organization Committee! We will file an official criminal complaint at the Çağlayan Courthouse in Istanbul at 12:30 on July 2nd, Thursday!

2015 Istanbul Pride Week Schedule

June 12, 15

23rd Istanbul Pride Week's full schedule!