Panel: Forming a Psychosocial Solidarity Network for LGBTI+s
24 June Friday - 18:30 - 20:30

Facilitators: Aylin Ülkümen, Baran Gürsel, Doğa Eroğlu, Özlem Çolak

TODAP, a professional organization that also supports the social struggles given against the problems LGBTI+ individuals experience, seeks ways to multiply safe and accessible mechanisms of psychological support. In this session we will take off from the experiences of different psychosocial support networks and talk with the participants about whether there is a need for a psychological support network for LGBTI+s, and if there is, how that network could be formed, how the institutions in this field could collaborate, what the principles and methods of this network could be. We hope the resulting ideas will be the first steps for the formation of a network that will provide support for LGBTI+s.


Venue » SALT Galata