Panel: Homophobia in Sports and Physical Education Classes
23 June Thursday - 14:00 - 16:00

Have the LGBTI+ individuals who have come out in many branches of sports in recent times helped defeat homophobia, transphobia, and sexism in sports? What kind of sexual orientation-based discrimination is there in physical education classes? Where are the intersections of the discrimination we encounter in sports and at school? Starting with a discussion of the discrimination experienced in sports, in which we seek answers to all our questions and will exchange information about, we would like to talk about the discrimination faced by gay and trans students in physical education classes and discuss solutions together.

Ankara Liseli LGBTİ+

Moderator: Emre Demir

Speakers: Dr. İlknur Hacısoftaoğlu (Gedik University), Arjin Deniz (Ankara High School LGBTI), Baran Ucal (Gedik University)

Venue » SALT Galata