Panel: Being LGBTI+ Under Occupation
24 June Friday - 17:00 - 19:00

Moderator: Aslı Zengin

Panelists: Okan Altekin (Keskesor) “Kurdistan Experience”,  Zerşin Nazlı (Keskesor) “Kurdistan Experience”, Siyabend Kurdi (Kadıköy LGBTİ Meclisi) “Personal Experience in the Nusaybin Occupation”, Joul Elias (Al-Qaws) “Palestine Experience”

Being an LGBTI+ individual in geographies under siege and occupation does not only involve a fight of sexuality and desire against patriarchy and heteronormativity but also other fights based on race and ethnicity as used by the state and colonizer. The panel will focus on the intersection of power and violence and seek to answer these questions: What does it mean to be LGBTI+ in Kurdistan and Palestine? What does the LGBTI+ struggle mean in these geographies where violence is experienced in all of its nakedness?

Venue » Cezayir Meeting Hall