LGBTI+ Refugees: Process, Advent, Solidarity
24 June Friday - 15:00 - 17:00

In the year 2016, Turkey has become the country with the most refugees in the world as it hosts over 3 million refugees from different countries, especially from Syria. As countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are left on their own with a number of refugees that surpass the size of the country, the European Union, United States and other developed countries are trying to fortify their boundaries, on the grounds of security. LGBTI+ refugees experience a double difficulty as refugees and as LGBTI+s, since their paths are blocked not only by forced displacement but also by inc- reasing conservatism. In relation to the theme of this year’s pride week, through experiences in Turkey and Sweden, we will talk about the legal, social and psychological dimensions of being LGBTI+ and being a refugee and discuss the possibilities for our struggle together.

Moderator: Özlem Çolak (Lambdaistanbul)


Hayriye Kara (Kaos GL): “Legal framework in Turkey regarding the refugees”

Mehmet Akın (SPoD): “Is Turkey a ‘safe country’ for refugees?”

Cihan Arıkan (RFSL İsveç): ”What do the refugees experience in the countries they were settled in?”

Testimonies from Refugees: Hussam Slk and other refugee friends from the Arabic Tea & Talk group will talk about their experiences in their countries, in Turkey and about their work.

Book Presentation: Can Kaya and Müzeyyen Arac (Hevi LGBTI) Hevi LGBTI will talk about the book composed of testimonies of LGBTI refugees living in Turkey and about how the book came to be.

Note: Arabic-Turkish translations will be provided by Heinrich Boell Association and SPoD.

Venue » Cezayir Meeting Hall