Tournament for the Goal Givers
25 June Saturday - 19:00 - 21:00

There is no swearing at women, sluts, fags. There is no being used by the industry and mafia club owners. No excuse for violence by rowdy hooligans. Despite the patriarchy and heterosexism of the soccer field, estab- lished and distinguished (!) queer teams of the queer football community (?!) Atletik Dildoa, Sportif Lezbon, Lezyonerler and Queer Park Rangers are getting together for a fun, communal tournament (!!!) People who want to experience the fun of scoring and getting scored, the intersection of dribb- les, can email us at and become a player in the 4th team called Queer Training Boarding School. Come, let’s meet offside.

Venue » Taksim Spor Kulübü