Workshop: “Concepts of Intimacy and Sincerity” in the Context of “QUEER BODY” STUDIES (II)
21 June Tuesday - 20:00 - 22:30

Facilitator: Ufuk Şenel

This workshop, scheduled for approximately three hours a day on two days, is an exploration focusing on the body through the concepts of intimacy and sincerity. What does queerness provide to us as we relate to each other, to the world and to others? How do our feelings of intimacy and sincerity get constructed/ deconstructed within a queer life? These are some of the questions we will pursue in this workshop where the goal is to begin from improvised practices and to help participants gain a new perspective and dynamic on how they relate to their own world, selves, the world and others.

Venue » Çatı Dans Stüdyosu