Workshop: Consensus as a Form of Organizing and Decision-Making Process Among Equals
21 June Tuesday - 15:00 - 18:00

Facilitator: Center of Nonviolence

In meetings among equals decisions are made with the shared responsibility of all participants, therefore it is important how decisions are made and implemented and that all participate equally in the decision-making process for groups engaged in rights struggles. As a form of  decision-making, the consensus decision-making model aims at the equal participation of all participants, the equal distribution of power within the group, the productive and optimal use of time and other resources. In this Pride Week, we would like to explore CONSENSUS as a model that enables more productive meetings and decisions on the context of our theme “We Unite”.

* The workshop is open to all, whether they are activists or not.
The workshop will last at least 3 hours

Venue » SALT Galata