Workshop: The Role and Responsibility of Mental Health Care Workers in Social İnteraction in the Aftermath of the Removal of Homosexuality from the Category of Disease
21 June Tuesday - 19:30 - 21:00

Moderators: Evren Evrim Önal, Özge Güdül
Speakers: Eser Sandıkçı, Pınar Önen, Seven Kaptan, Umut Şah

Homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1973 and from the disease criteria of the World Health Organization on May 17, 1990. The confusion persists, however, in the case of transsexuality. Despite the fact that the discourse of cure was gradually abandoned from late 1960s onwards, and homosexuality is officially no longer a disease since 1973, transsexuality continues to be associated with disease, sin and crime in social perception and life. Today the struggle continues against the intense discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes targeting LGBTI+ people. Most importantly, although without an official basis, some mental health workers are seeking to exploit the cure discourse for profit. Therefore during this Pride Week, we would like to explore how we can intervene as mental health care students and workers not only in society but also specifically in the field of mental health and our responsibilities

Venue » Cezayir Meeting Hall